How to Dress Down a Suit

The menswear world is changing; sportswear is not just for sports anymore and a suit isn’t just your 9 to 5 uniform. Learning how to mash up these worlds is the best way to show people you are a modern thinker but appreciate classic taste, without saying a word. If that’s not enough remember that you never want to be the guy who shows up to the bar looking like they’re ready for an office meeting. For this reason we teamed up with our friends at EXPRESS to show you 4 ways to dress down your suit effortlessly using EXPRESS’ new stretch tailoring!   

Express - September - How to dress down a suit

Try out an air tie

The air tie is a symbol of the anti-establishment. Traditionally, buttoning your shirt to the top without wearing a tie was a way to say that you didn’t believe in the conservative views of elder generations. Nowadays it’s an awesome way to look like a British badass and that’s never a bad thing.

Express - September - How to dress down a suit 3

Tone down your accessories

One of the best ways to dress down a suit is to throw on accessories that you would typically wear with your jeans. It’s an easy way to wear your favourite items while adding an interesting visual statement.

Express - September - How to dress down a suit 1

Swap your dress shirt for a button-down

Dress shirts can feel a little bit stuffy, but a cotton button-down like this one from EXPRESS should be worn like your favourite t-shirt. It will give your look a laidback appeal while keeping your sartorial edge.

Express - September - How to dress down a suit 4

Sneaker up

Dress shoes before they’re broken in can be a little bit uncomfortable to wear for a long night out with the guys. Throwing on a minimalist sneaker in all white will keep your feet comfy while giving your outfit a modern appeal.

Express - September - How to dress down a suit 2 Express - September - How to dress down a suit 5

For more great suits to dress up or down, head over to EXPRESS Eaton Centre or check out

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