The Essentials List Part 3.2: Summer loafers: Driving Moccasins

A little while ago I covered the two essential dress shoes that every guy should have in their wardrobe. I showed you the best styles on the market, what colors to look out for, and occasions to don them! Now it’s time to switch gears and examine your casual footwear collection for summer!

In the summertime I literally live in loafers! Whether it’s a deck shoe, a driving moc, or an espadrille, these are my go to styles when the weather heats up! Each loafer serves a different purpose and for that reason I am going to break down which version (if not all of them!) is right for you! First let’s talk about driving mocs!

Driving Moc’s

suede driving mocs

Probably the dressiest of the three, the driving moccasin is the slick European cousin of the deck shoe. It comes in suede or leather with a rubber sole in either a dotted pattern or small separated pad. Originally created by native Indians, fashion took the concept of the moccasin and transformed the functional shoe into a menswear essential.

The Essentials List Part 3.2: Summer loafers: Driving Moccasins brown leather driving mocs

The driving mock is a delicate shoe especially in the suede. On the other hand the driving moc can give any outfit the perfect amount of panache effortlessly. In terms of color you can really get driving mocs in any shade imaginable but I would recommend doing a brown leather version to start. If you want to have a bit more fun why not try a cobalt blue in suede or a deep red.

The Essentials List Part 3.2: Summer loafers: Driving Moccasins deep red and cobalt blue driving mocs

Prices for driving mocs vary largely as there are many different qualities available. My personal recommendation is to go for something that is leather lined and properly constructed. The reason being is that your hot sockless foot will be in it all day and the leather will allow breathability in the shoe. It also depends on how often you go to them but quality is always better than quantity.

I hope you enjoyed the post and stay tuned for part two of the summer loafer’s guide where I cover deck shoes!

Yours truly,

Mr. Cavaliere