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You may be asking yourself who is Mr. Cavaliere? Well, we like to think of him as the man we all want to be. According to Italian translation, Cavaliere is “a knight or gentleman, serving on horseback.”

While the modern-day Mr. Cavaliere has probably traded in his horse for other transportation, we firmly believe in the idea that all men should be brave, chivalrous, and honourable.

Since 2011, Mr. Cavaliere has been a trusted online style publication for expert advice across the globe. Founded by Canada’s Sharpest Man, Jonathan Cavaliere’s goal has always been the same; to give men the tools to elevate their quality of life.

We encourage you to join us on our journey and to expect in-depth conversations on everything from style, food, culture, travel and ultimately what it means to live life better.

Jonathan Cavaliere

Founder & Creative Director


Eshan Shah

Managing Editor


Liam McConnell

Lifestyle Contributor


Jessica Dennis 

Food Contributor


David Wilson 

Culture Contributor

Bob Duff 

Sports Contributor

Vincent Ko

Artist & Photographer


Sean Pollock

Lifestyle Photographer


Justin Lawrence

Videographer & Content Creator


Steven Lee

Photographer & Graphic Designer


Robert John Paterson 



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