A Man’s Guide to Dressing for the Holidays

With the holiday season just around the corner, for most of us, the next month will likely be filled with trips to the mall and bottles of champagne. In-between constructing ginger bread houses and chugging eggnog, you may have to attend a couple parties.

A Man’s Guide to Dressing for the Holidays1

Whether it’s a work-related party or a fancy dinner with friends and family, looking your best is imperative. That is why we here at Mr. Cavaliere have partnered with RW&CO; to inspire you to incorporate some festive cheer into your outfits this season.

A Man’s Guide to Dressing for the Holidays4


A Man’s Guide to Dressing for the Holidays3

First let’s talk about the blazer. Go for a jacket that’s a step-up from what you already own. As always, do not be afraid to go for something with a pattern, or a unique texture like velvet. This blue jacquard blazer with contrast piping is the perfect piece to allow you to stand out, whilst still looking clean and sophisticated.

A Man’s Guide to Dressing for the Holidays7

One of the easiest ways to add some holiday cheer into your outfit is by adding a little hint of red. For this look, we decided that a red bow tie and pocket square added enough of a statement. Remember menswear is all about the minute details.

A Man’s Guide to Dressing for the Holidays5

I am a firm believer that blues and blacks very rarely go well together. Instead of throwing on the classic black dress/tuxedo pants, go for a charcoal grey version. This pairing will better compliment the blue of the jacket and will give your look a subtle pop.

Lastly, finish off the look with a shoe that has a bit of shine. Nothing screams the holiday season more than a patent loafer or lace up.

A Man’s Guide to Dressing for the Holidays8

Cheers to the holidays!

Yours truly,

Mr. Cavaliere