A little while ago, the good people at Perry Ellis asked me to participate in a revolutionary global concept that they are calling #100PiecesOfPerry. Perry Ellis is reinventing the fashion show concept in social sharing spaces by placing the fall collection directly into the hands of the consumer. Today (September 27th) bloggers and influencers, like myself, from around the world will participate. We’ll express our… View Post

Our next stop on our quiet luxury adventure was to Picton to visit Sandbanks Provincial Park. After loading up the MKZ, sliding back the panoramic glass roof, and inputting the destination into the navigation system on the control panel, we were ready to embark on our journey. Once we arrived, we discovered the world’s largest baymouth barrier dune formation that the Sandbanks are famous for.… View Post

What is quiet luxury, exactly? The English language includes many words used to describe things that can really only be felt. Serenity, power and elegance are a few of these concepts that can only be explained if one has experienced them wholly. There are certain people, places, and even mere moments in time, that embody each of these concepts. However, ultimately it’s really something you… View Post

If you often read the blog, you may have noticed that I’m a big fan of mixing patterns. Whether it’s a plaid paired with a polka dot, or a check with a bold paisley, mixing patterns is a great way to show the world you know what you’re doing. With that being said, mastering the art of pattern-mixing can take a bit of practice. However,… View Post