A couple of months ago, I partnered with Philips to create a men’s grooming and style guide video with some easy to follow tips on what to do with your facial hair for life’s various occasions. Click below and take a look: If you haven’t already heard, Philips has launched an all-in-one tool called the One Blade and it’s revolutionizing the way men shave. For… View Post

Prince Edward County is one of those places with tons of untouched heritage. Most of the buildings in the area have been there since the 1800’s – and some even before that! What’s even more incredible is that young creatives are starting to populate the region and it’s slowly starting to become an innovative design hub. One of the gentlemen that are leading this movement… View Post

Our last stop on our quiet luxury adventure took us to the ever popular Drake Devonshire Inn, located in the town of Wellington, Ontario. The Devonshire was built in 1860 and was originally made as a factory for casting metal. In the turn of the 19th century, the property was sold to W.P. Niles – who later started the Wellington Electric Light and Power Company,… View Post

We live in a world where you can check the time everywhere and anywhere you turn. Whether it’s on your smartphone, the clock on the wall, or even on your technologically advanced water bottle, time is literally everywhere. So, in an age where there is an abundance of ways to tell time, is a wristwatch really necessary? For utilitarian purposes, the answer is no. With… View Post

Maybe it’s just me, but it literally felt like the temperature dropped to 10 degrees Celsius (that’s 50 degrees Fahrenheit, for all of our American friends) the day the calendar said it was officially fall. As a menswear enthusiast, this is probably my favorite season for style because us guys can really get creative when we get dressed. So, what is your fall wardrobe looking… View Post