As a menswear and lifestyle blogger, a big part of my job is travel. Whether it’s a press trip in Montreal or a meeting in New York, booking flights and accommodations is something I do quite often. Typically these types of events come with little to no warning, as I must be flexible to meet the needs of my business. The world now is so… View Post

It’s officially December and there are less than 20 days until Christmas! Before you hit the panic button, the team and I have put together a list of 7 gifts that any modern gentleman would be sure to enjoy. The Rockwell 6S Razor Let’s get with the times, guys. Disposable razors and expensive cartridges are emptying our pockets and filling our landfills. Rockwell Razors are… View Post

Over the past couple of years here in Toronto, Winter has been showing up later and later to the party. With the occasional light snow fall in November and December, we really get the brunt of winter after the new year and well into January. This means that my favorite men’s style month, Fall, is extended – which is great for wearing awesome menswear pieces.… View Post

When you think of festive fashion around this time of the year, items that typically come to mind include Santa hats, ugly Christmas sweaters, and novelty ties featuring everything from Rudolf to Frosty the Snow Man. While there may be a time and a place for each of these items, attending your work Christmas party should not be one of them. So, the question is:… View Post